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Teams will always have the latest information about tasks and projects on any device because SAU works as a website or application on 7+ platforms.

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We help people manage personal, work, team, and dream projects. Seven best tools like To-Do List, Board, Tracker, Chat, etc. in one application allow keeping all kinds of projects in

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When keeping a calendar became not enough I finally found an app for all my tasks. I use this app for simple tasks like workout routine or grocery list, but also the app is well designed to track my big goals in life and projects at work.

I find it super helpful to be able to organize myself with this app. It is simple to use, it gives me satisfaction when I check as β€œdone” my tasks and I can actually see how productive I am. It really simplifies your life and lets you be on track with your goals and have clear vision of them.

Anastasiya Arnold

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First carbon negative task tracker

Our servers are green. SAU partners with an IT infrastructure provider which is a member of the Climate Neutral Group and the Green Grid. The wind & The sun πŸƒβ˜€οΈπŸͺ

We have already planted 1000 larches in Altai. Larches are hardy and long-lived trees, they are very useful for keeping forests and rivers, and accumulate a lot of CO2

Having big statistics about using SAU we have calculated the average CO2 emission per SAU user per year. And we bought a few more offsets to cover such emissions for all our users πŸ“ˆ

Green SAU

We are working all around the world

SAU Team is a remote πŸ’™ team from Singapore, USA, Austria, Indonesia, Russia & Ukraine.
We are pleased to help users πŸ’š from 48 countries work on their projects and tasks in SAU Apps and on website to achieve goals!

SAU is all around the world
Who we are

SAU is 3 years officially πŸŽ‰

It was a long journey for SAU to become an apps-ecosystem. At first, we created a private to-do list that aggregated tasks from lots of sources just in one place. Microsoft Project, Redmine, JIRA, Outlook, Excel, and even phone calls generated tasks for us and it was crazy 🀯 to monitor all of them.

Then we add a Table view. Next was Board like Kanban. We built dashboards to see progress...

And one day we caught a very strange feeling called "we did all the tasks from the list". It was amazing. At that moment we decided to let SAU help everyone who is in a productivity mess & chaos.

A year later we started the company SAU2Do in Singapore and launched the first version of

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SAU is all around the world